Business Data Analysis


Business Analysis

Interacting with customers and business stakeholders is the key to understand and document requirements. Being the core intermediary between the business and IT teams, we promote a total customer satisfaction in the design, development and implementation of IT solutions with knowledge and experience of having lead diversified teams through the full project life-cycle. Our Business Analysts can help your IT teams to formulate cogent strategies through observation, interviews, workshops and continuous exploration. We aim at identifying focus areas to streamline business processes, business operations, improve productivity and reduce waste, thereby leading to customer satisfaction and better revenue generation. Our teams forge stronger relationships across businesses by meeting regularly with stakeholders and focus groups to identify key performance indicators, share expertise and create opportunities.


Data Analysis

Quick access to data is the key to build fact driven analysis

Business Analysis – What we do:

  • Understand business goals and objectives
  • Understand business goals and objectives
  • Elicit and Gather system and software requirements
  • Create Product Backlog, conduct walk-throughs and Storyboard presentations
  • Demonstrate site layouts, mock-up screens, prototypes and wireframes
  • Document Business Process Change initiatives and Re-engineering
  • Provide Change Management and Change Control
  • Interact with user groups, stakeholders and focus groups
  • Deliver Release Planning and Implementation techniques
  • Lead by example

Data Analysis – What we do:

  • Work with data stewards and data engineering teams
  • Elicit and Gather data specifications, source data requirements
  • Create Data Model, Data Mapping and Data Profiling requirements
  • Provide roadmap for ETL and data warehouse engineering
  • Measure, inspect and review data to meet quality standards
  • Implement Data Visualization for Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • Extend, refactor and re-engineer data for Cloud Services Implementation
  • Inspect, adopt and leverage benefits for Big Data convergence

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